Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bandits & Battlecruisers: Ultimate Edition

Along with regular, free edition of Bandits & Battlecruisers I plan to release Ultimate Edition of the game, with numerous additional features and entirely new graphics.

I'm still not sure what will it contain, as I'm adding new stuff almost constantly, so I can list only features that are already completed. Bandits & Battlecruisers: Ultimate Edition contains so far:
  • Ideas for additional abilities;
  • Motivation of alien PCs;
  • Strange and unusual alien features;
  • Keywords that may be helpful in designing monsters, robots, planets and civilizations (400 keywords total plus lots of ideas of using them);
  • Random ray guns;
  • Space phenomena;
  • Security status of star systems;
  • 100 random space stations;
  • Artifact name generator.
Much more to come: additional monsters, artifacts, spaceships, spaceship components. I don't know if I will be able to create new spells (I'm not very good at it) but I'll try to do my best.

What do you think about these ideas?


  1. Your works look awesome; I am looking forward to reading this one! By the way, may we perhaps get an estimated date of release? :P

    1. I suppose that I will be ale to finish writing it within a month but nothing is certain about artwork, especially because at the moment I may count only on friends - I have no money to pay anyone for artwork (i'll be paying my debts after the release).

  2. Sounds better & better everytime you mention it :)