Thursday, February 28, 2019

Magical Eggs

Players stumble upon the strange, violet egg. It is approximately two feet tall and although its shell seems to be translucent, it is actually impossible to take a peak into its inside. If the players choose to crack the egg, roll 1d12 to determine what's inside:
  1. Cockatrice chick, helpless but friendly (can be trained as pet);
  2. 2d8x317 gp, covered with manure;
  3. Cloud of colorful fumes. You may roll this table to determine its nature;
  4. Void Dragon hatchling;
  5. Human child / small humanoid skeleton (inanimated), holding a gem in its hands;
  6. Egg explodes with cloud of filthy rags - 1d3 concussion damage in ten feet radius;
  7. Large, animated skeleton of a duckling (pathetic stats);
  8. Ordinary contents of an egg (edible, 15% for being rotten);
  9. Young Crystal Serpent;
  10. Egg is empty but it emits strange, ringing noise when cracked open;
  11. Trans-dimensional portal opens;
  12. FML, there's another egg inside this one (but it is bright green)!

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