Tuesday, February 26, 2019

[whY] The Fall

  1. The Hollow Ones. They built the Machine. 
  2. World - both space and time - was ripped apart. 
  3. They tried to open a portal to Hell - and they succeeded. The results, however, were far beyond their expectation. 
  4. The device which destroyed the world is still there. Still active, pouring its poisons into our reality. 
  5. Remains of the Machine are rooted deep inside the every Shard. That’s why the Shards are surrounded by the aura of… artificiality. 
  6. The Machine was so powerful that not only our world, our dimension was destroyed. Some other, dark world was also shattered. And mixed with the remains of ours.
  7. Someone tried to save the world from global disaster but it led to another catastrophe, maybe even worse than the one from which he tried to save us. 
  8. The world was much better place before the Fall. It was safer and brighter. Technology was much more advanced but now most of the wisdom of the past is lost. 
(I will explain later ; I'm sorry, you must be patient)

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