Wednesday, February 27, 2019

[whY] The Guild

  1. They are the descendants of the Hollow Ones’ minions. 
  2. The Guild are the only ones who are able to communicate between the Shards. 
  3. They gained their power through the demonic pacts. Now the payback time is coming. 
  4. They are the last ones who understand at least a portion of the technology of the past.
  5. No one ever saw the members of the Inner Circle, not even other members of the Guild. 
  6. Only descendants of the Guild members can join their ranks. They perform some kind of “gene-tests” on the recruits, whatever it means… 
  7. They claim to be “maintaining the balance” but it’s just one of their countless lies.
  8. Almost every aspect of their lives and deeds is heavily ritualized, entangled in long chain of over-complicated prayers and rites.

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