Saturday, April 27, 2019

Perilous Frontiers - some changes in the idea of the booklet

So, can you spot the difference? Probably not, as you must click the image to see it.

If you ever used any of my releases, you probably noticed that they are extremely raw in terms of form. Little or no artwork, dry descriptions, very informative tone. To be honest with you, I still suck at English and I don't feel comfortable with procuring any lengthy descriptions. Also - I just like it the way it is. No bullshit, 100% creative content. You don't need to pay extra for pages full of meaningless garbage.

Numero due - there are fuckloads of game systems, rulesets and so on. Even the percentile ones (if you're unaware - the whole "Perilous" family is NOT about yet another clone of the Original Game). Even though Perilous Ages was more or less "complete", I do not think it's a complete rulebook. I suck at rulebooks - moreover - and when I managed to assemble the whole BandB game, I was totally drained of the creative energy. For weeks. Even though the feeling of getting job done was absolutely amazing. That's why I dropped the idea of creating another complete rulebook.

What does it mean for you - the potential user of Perilous Frontiers? Most likely nothing. Or even it will make the book better, as sometimes I get tricked by myself and constrained by some (imaginative) barriers or requirements that new release must meet. And - obviously - more constraints mean less fun from the creative process. And I want to have fucking fun from writing new stuff. Having fun is the most important thing that should come from any hobby. Because it's a hobby, not a fucking day job. Even if I work on board games as my day job.

If you're not familiar with the Perilous Ages, which will be the basis for the Perilous Frontiers, you can grab it here. Also, I've set a 50% discount to make it easier to get the copy :)

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