Monday, April 22, 2019

Six Bizarre Collections (Tombs of Krshal sample entry)

Sometimes PCs can find something extraordinary - the collection of... something. And sometimes, "something" may be way more unusual than anything encountered before.

The table below can be found in the Tombs of Krshal booklet, along with additional two dozen of tables of unholy, wicked randomness.
  1. Seventeen dried hearts, apparently human. Each of them rest in a separate wooden box and each is pierced by a thin piece of a polished, sharpened bone.
  2. Eight sets of ornate plate mails, obviously made for cats.
  3. Huge jar of eyeballs of different colors and sizes. There is an inscription on the lid, saying “UNSEE ME NOT”.
  4. A dozen of finely crafted shoes, made of various exotic leathers. Each shoe is way too big for a human being - they should fit the giant’s foot better. Each shoe is the left one.
  5. Several hundreds of keys, displayed on nine large boards. Each key is made of yellowish bone, and each one is snapped in two.
  6. Five jars with organs preserved inside. Each organ is very similar to each other, although they are clearly not human. What is even stranger - all of them totally differ in colors.

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