Sunday, April 28, 2019

Rats (half of the table from Tombs of Krshal)

This is the 50% of the table from Tombs of Krshal. Vicious, unsettling rumors about the Vermin. Chuck yer fucking deesix!
  1. We must kill them all. They are in fact parts of the soul of the Great Flayer. When there are enough of them, he will be reborn.
  2. There is an artifact, buried somewhere beneath the oldest ruins at the fringe of the Palatial District, which allows its user to look through the eyes of a rat. Of any rat.
  3. There is a new breed of rats in Krshal. Slightly smaller, with darker fur and much longer tail. They say that they were designed by mages, to get rid of the monsters living in the city’s vast underworld.
  4. The Thieves Guild is using rats as spies for years. They also use them to steal small objects but people are saying that they can steal almost anything.
  5. Beware of the Silver Rat. It's a very powerful magical creature, a true god of rodents. They say that it can turn gold into mud - and vice versa.
  6. There is a homeless girl, living in the Leper's District, able to communicate with rats. In fact, mages protect her, as they cooperate with her quite often.

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