Thursday, April 18, 2019

Tombs of Krshal contents preview

Well, what can you expect from the newest Krshal expansion? Let's find out!
  • Ten Magical Skulls;
  • Shape of the Crypt;
  • Six Bizarre Vampires;
  • Rumors About the Labyrinth;
  • Rumors About Rats;
  • Features of the Ghoul Mothers;
  • Mysterious Coffins;
  • Crypt Entrances;
  • Strange Undead Creatures;
  • Undead Magic Items;
  • Inhabitants of the Crypt;
  • Lost Souls;
  • Gravediggers;
  • Grave Robbers; 
  • Magical Flowers;
  • Magical Birds;
  • Pillories;
  • Funeral Processions;
  • Tombstones;
  • Mad Poets;
  • Mourners;
  • Magical Tools;
And probably something more. I'm still working on the actual contents so things might change!
If you still don't possess your copy of Towers of Krshal, you may grab it HERE! Also, Legends of Krshal may be obtained by following THIS link.

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