Thursday, May 24, 2012

200th post - Towers of Krshal preview

Firstly, I want to thank all the readers of my blog for your interest, comments and kind words (here or on G+) - it's impossible for me to continue work on something without feedback.

In exchange for your help, I offer you something special - after three days of (not very hard) work I've completed the Towers of Krshal - small, 32-pages, A5-sized booklet with additional stuff for city-oriented gaming. Unfortunately, as my financial condition is really bad, I want to sell this stuff. It will be available via rpgnow/dtrpg, maybe lulu (it's not sure because I want to sell prints on my own) and my own webshop, but first my publisher must obtain legal personality, which is not that fast in Poland :D

Probably it will cost about $3 for PDF version and should be available in the middle of June. It will contain:

  • Table of city-oriented rumors (rather dark and disturbing);
  • Towers, towers and towers (random table and generator);
  • Lists of nasty stuff - parasites, molds, untold monstrosities, dark gods etc.;
  • Names for PCs and NPCs, locations and items;
  • Some unusual items, such as lanterns, oils or keys;
  • Two cross-section maps and two regular maps;
  • ...and probably something more.

At first I wanted to start IndieGoGo campaign for this product to gather funds for some awesome artwork, professional maps and 50-100 printed copies but later I decided that it will cause unnecessary delays.

One last thing - if you have links for your own (or not), free or not city-related stuff and you want them to be included in the Towers of Krshal document - drop it into a comment below. OSR can grow in strength only via cross-referencing.

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  1. Congrats on the 200th post and please keep updating your progress on Towers of Krshal. Very cool.