Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hail the mighty Dreadnoughts!

Sometimes Capital Ships are not enough and you'll need bigger, more powerful ship. MUCH BIGGER.

Probably there are only few Dreadnoughts, one per Sector-sized nations and empires, and maybe three or four in the Ash'Kari Empire (more info in upcoming Battlestation Omega project but honestly I don't know when I'll be able to continue writing it). Dreadnoghts are immense and extremely armored vessels, not very fast nor agile, but capable of destroying almost any other spaceship with just one salvo.

Structure Points: 110
Base Pilot skill mod: -60%
Free space: 150
Hull price: about 3 millions of Credits

Armor stats and pricing:
Unarmored: 150 durability points;
Titanium: 280 durability points, 300000 Credits;
Ceramite: 380 durability points, 590000 Credits;
Reactive: 440 durability points, 800000 Credits;
Carbide: 560 durability points, 1155000 Credits;
Ultrasteel: 1000 durability points, 2030000 Credits;

Main drive prices:
D: 100000 Credits
C: 590000 Credits
B: 2450000 Credits
A: Unavailable. Too big and too power-hungry to exist.

Reactor for Dreadnought costs 500000 Credits and provide enough power to constantly fire their main weapons for about a week. One additional set of maneuvering thrusters costs 160000 Credits. Jump drive costs about 250000 and it's relatively cheap compared to other subassemblies. Set of computers for Dreadnought-class vessels costs 500000 Credits and contains main CPU cluster, jammers of -30% jamming power, sensor booster of one million km range, navigational computer and advanced targetters able to fight simultanously with one hundred enemy ships. Also advanced hyperspace links allow to provide +50% to Weapon Systems skill for any one vessel, but only if Dreadnought's weapons are not firing at that time. Strategic links has about 50000 km range. Cost of crew quarters and all infrastructure necessary to live on its board are included in hull's price.

Dreadnought's bridge is designed for over one hundred of crew and has its own armor of 50 durability points. It has its own power systems and can be considered as Admirality Bridge although it contains even throne room! Of course bridge is duplicated. Price 110000 Credits.

More info, such as ultra-heavy weaponry, Armageddon Blasters, Imperial Links, factories, will be available soon - maybe even tomorrow!

Phoenix, one of the Dreadnoughts from the EVE Online