Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm ready (and quick, meaningless report)

As you've seen, I was rather inactive during past two months. I focused mainly on playing guitar, running again my Dark Heresy campaign (now on Ascension level) and playing various PC games (NFS: Hot Pursuit, Cortex Command and Transcendence).

I needed that break. Now I'm ready to write again. PDF needs to be finished.

And quick and meaningless update:
  • Bandits & Basilisks were accessed more than 1000 times (566 downloads);
  • Almost 3000 Terminal Space downloads via Box, 2300 previews (via Box and Scribd);
  • As you probably noticed, I missed whole AtoZ challenge this year - and it sucks (but I was unable to force myself to write something);
  • Over 15000 blog visits - thank you!
  • Almost 30000 pageviews - it seems that somebody really read my crap :-)
  • Probably we will start playing (again) my Underworld Kingdom campaign next sunday (not tomorrow) so you may expect new game reports soon;
  • Unfortunately Underworld Days will remain as infrequent feature (unless I'll find new source of great photos and artwork).
Stay tuned - more to come soon!

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