Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ossuary random finds

This table may be handy during searching various grave sites, ossuaries or bone pits. Roll d20 and look what you've found!
  1. Enchanted skull (may be used as guardian, shouting obscene words if someone is sneaking towards its owner);
  2. Small bone dagger (+1);
  3. Amulet made of human finger bones (+1 armor vs Undead);
  4. Bird Man skull;
  5. Glass eye;
  6. Bone Centipede (monster, HD 1+2, AC 3, save vs. Poison or paralyze for 2-12 rounds);
  7. Skull of the child with golden key hidden inside it;
  8. Skull of the giant;
  9. Mace made from human's femur (+3);
  10. Urn with ashes and large sapphire hidden inside it (2300 gp worth);
  11. Large urn with ashes and bear trap hidden inside it (2d6 damage);
  12. Bone flute;
  13. Skull with treasure map carved on it;
  14. Collection of 7 beautiful figurines made from human bones (worth 130 gp each);
  15. Denture made from old wood. It stinks horribly;
  16. Tip of +1 spear (+3 vs. humanoids) still stuck in human's skull;
  17. Shrunken head of goblin;
  18. Skull with seven golden teeth (worth 30 gp each, but skull belonged to high-ranked Cleric, so beware);
  19. Green wig, made from dyed horse hair;
  20. Crystal skull (worth 15000 gp but if even single drop of blood drops on it it summons Purple Worm and disappears in cloud of toxic, corrosive gas).


  1. Definitely an interesting assortment of little things to throw into an ossuary; however, feels like it might lean a bit heavy to the magic side. Best item of the bunch though (in my opinion) is that set of bones that provides armor vs. undead.

    Great interpretation of a protective amulet... Mind if I yoink that for a couple of ideas on my blog? Been debating writing up Talismans, scapular, and medals.



  2. No problems with borrowing ideas but it will be great if you post some links to my blog :-)
    And yes, it may be too many magical items there but it's rather easy to change, especially with magical weapons (simply remove bonuses or just add percentile chance to be magical).

  3. Excellent table Omlet, this one will definitely get used in my games. Thanks.

  4. Hey there, like the list - may I steal some of this list for a set of Necropolis tables I'm cooking up?