Monday, May 21, 2012

Towers of Krshal

Gustave Doré rocks your ass!
During November-December 2011 I was running experimental, rather new school campaign called by me Towers of London. It was about the immense City - huge and twisted reflection of 19th century London. City was "hidden" in another dimension, but connected with almost every big metropolis in the world. There were huge Towers - sapient difference engines, Imps responsible for fuelling them, three Orders maintaining control of the City, deranged Coal Thieves, stealing coal from our world aiznd many, many other bizarre ideas, some originating from my 2007 game about huge city, unfortunately never released. 

Today strange idea came to my mind - why not develop some of these ideas and transform them into the mighty Random Tables?

PDF will contain about twenty random tables (maybe more - I'm adding new ones almost every hour!), several rather sketchy maps (including my favourite cross-section maps) and some additional crap. Random findings, names, rumors, bizarre animals, demons, gods et cetera et cetera. And it will be cheap. Maybe not as cheap as Miscellaneum of Cinder was (now it's available for free), but still cheap.

I know that I've promised you many products - Xsection Mapbook, Bandits & Battlecruisers, Battlestation Omega and finally Underworld Kingdom. So you may think that this project will be another unreleased mirage. I'm aware of that, but main difference between these projects and the Towers of Krshal is that it is almost complete - probably I'll be able to finish work tomorrow :D

Also, I know that there are many great city-related products (with almighty Vornheim on top of them) but I believe that someone may enjoy (or even use) my "really dark ideas" (quote from Kyrinn :D) - I tried to not duplicate existing stuff - mainly because it will be absolutely pointless.

And yes, I love unpronounceable names :D


  1. Now back to work! I expect to be downloading this before the week is out!

  2. I really want to, but my publisher is still not existing, at least "in the eyes of the Law". I'm afraid that it may take some time :-(