Friday, August 31, 2012

Charon Prime - Unnamed World

He Was The Man.

Do you remember this post by Blair? It has a really big impact on me, especially that I've used his "method" in 1997-1999 and later forgotten about it. Now I plan to use it in Charon Prime.

Unnamed World is very old, much older than human civilization. Probably there is only one human city, the Citadel of Rust. Except this metropolis, there are only few inhabited outposts, which farthest is about 200km away from the city. Rest of the world remains unexplored, unknown and unmapped and fact that humans live on Charon Prime for over 2000 years means nothing.

As Blair stated in his post - PCs will be the ones who will name the places. In addition, if there will be other groups of adventurers (NPCs), it's highly possible that their names will be totally different from the names given by player characters.

Finally, something more creative - fate of NPC adventurers. If Referee has no ideas for handling groups of non-player expeditions in the dangerous world of Charon Prime, he may roll a dice and pick appropriate result from below:

1-5: They disappeared without a trace. No one knows what happened to them.
6-8: They are all dead. Someone has found shattered bones and tattered clothes.
9-10: Only one member of expedition has returned. He is now half-mad and constantly babbles about "crustacean nightmares".
11-13: Some of them returned but they are somehow "changed" - they became grim, silent and generally strange. I'm tellin' ya, things will get really ugly if they don't disappear...
14-17: Some of them returned but they haven't found anything.
18: They returned with some strange alien artifact. I hope that it will not bring destruction to the city.
19: They returned without any treasures, but I've heard that they have mapped solid portion of the world (direction dice) of the Citadel.
20: They returned with lots of treasure!

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