Thursday, August 30, 2012

Supernatural Horror in the Old School Science Fiction Gaming

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  1. Worlds are dying.
  2. Everything Alien is Evil.
  3. Everything Evil is Evil beyond human comprehension.
  4. AI are only pretending to be your friends.
  5. You are always lost.
  6. Communication channels die at the worst moment.
  7. Hope lies only in Gods.
  8. There are no Gods.
  9. Absolute prohibition of using common, traditional monsters. Fear of the unknown is the worst kind of fear.
  10. Everything which purpose is unknown is potentially dangerous.
  11. Purposes of the most artifacts are unknown.
  12. Purposes of the most treasures are uknown.
  13. Be Prepared That Your Light Sources Will Fail You.
  14. There are no better traps than ones that separates the party.
  15. Monsters always hunt down the alone.
  16. The Ones Who Hired You Will Betray You.
  17. Mankind is only a toy.
  18. Do not use lovecraftian evil. Is too well-known.
  19. Human-alien hybrids.
  20. Deformed beings.
  21. Undead aren't scary, unless you've known them.
  22. Every Spaceship Has Dark, Uknown Chambers And Corridors.
  23. Worst moment is when you discover that your best friend is just cold, inhuman android.
  24. Relief is better reward than XP.
  25. Flickering lights are GM's best friends.
If you can live with it, you are ready for the Charon Prime ;)