Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toxic Blood

Something that may be handy during creation of aliens, mutants and out-of-space monstrosities that dwell just beneath your level of space station. Roll d8:

  1. Acid. Highly corrosive, damages non-magical and/or non-stone weapons. Contact with blood deals 1-4 damage. There is 1% chance that dying monster will explode, dealing 2-24 acid damage to everyone (and everything) in 6 meters radius.
  2. Pale Slime of Seven Deaths. Each contact with monster's blood deals 1 damage regardless of armor and resistances. After the seventh wound is inflicted, poisoned one will suffer severe convulsions and will immediately lose conciousness and will die within four rounds (no save allowed) unless monster with Pale Slime Blood will be killed during this time.
  3. Tar. Extremely dense and sticky blood. Each time monster is hit in melee for more than 2 damage, attacker's weapon sticks in the blood. Successful STR check is needed to free the weapon (roll STR or less on d20), during the attempts to free the weapon monster has +3 to-hit the opponent. There is 10% that dying monster will explode, covering everytihing within 3 meters with black, sticky goo (STR -3 to free yourself).
  4. Neurotoxin. Monster's blood has a sick green color. Every contact with blood requires save vs. poison. If failed - you fall into coma and will die within 1-4 days unless healed in some way. Permanent loss of two points of random stat for each day of coma due to the brain damage. Beings without neural system (i.e Mi-Go) are immune to this poison.
  5. Toxic Acid. Moderately corrosive acid. Can damage steel and iron objects (including weapons), contact with blood deals 1-2 points of damage. Everyone damaged with the blood must pass save vs. poison or immediately lose additional 1-6 Hit Points. There is 2% chance that dying monster will explode, dealing 2-12 acid damage to everyone within five meters. Everyone hit by explosion must pass save vs. poison or recieve 1-10 additional damage.
  6. Gaseous Blood. There is blue gas inside monster's veins. And of course it's toxic. Veins will close automatically after one round but everyone fighting the monster during the round it was wounded must save vs. poison (with additional -1 modifier) or will become seriously slowed for 1-6 rounds (-2 to-hit, halved movement, +1 AC). Any result of 20 during the saving throw means that victim become paralyzed for 2-12 hours.
  7. Wormlike Goo of Horrid Domination. Monster's blood is brown-black and rather sticky. After few moments after wounding, it starts to move and transforms into worm-like, amoeboidal ooze. It seeks contact with living beings (i.e. attackers) and tries to drill inside their bodies to connect themselves with their neural network. Further effects are up to Referee's decision, but may include some really nasty stuff, such as mind control, slow and painful metamorphosis into the alien predator, madness or apocalyptic visions of absolutely inhuman cities, worlds, galaxies...
  8. Shimmering Elixir. Monster's blood is bright and glows faintly. It's sweet in taste and if consumed it instantly restore 2-8 lost HP, and adds +2 to-hit and +1 to damage for 1-6 hours. However, after this time, victim must pass save vs. poison or his / her body will explode in torrent of blood, shattered bones and torn guts.


  1. This is a seriously inspired post, my friend. Keep it up! The Seven Deaths one is going to see use in my game.