Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Something Dead Is Coming...

Tzimiscedracul, in exchange for Towers of Krshal review, wants me to make another set of random tables. This is a new idea that came to my mind about one hour ago and I don't know if I will be able to make it but man, I made whole Towers of Krshal in three days! Maybe this time I will succeed too.

Very first ideas:
  • Lich Lords
  • Crypt names
  • Undead Nobles
  • Corpse-eaters of Krshal
  • Death Cults
  • Body snatchers
  • Underworld Corpse Market
  • Random corpses
  • More info about Ghoul Mothers
  • Undead Magical Items...
  • ...and something more.


  1. If I may be so bold... suggestions:

    More 50 Rumors (this was the heart of the book for me)
    "X" Legendary Towers (for the really weird stuff in a weird city)
    "X" Dangerous Saloons and Pubs
    "X" Exotic/Rare Drinks

    1. Thanks for the ideas! I'm not sure if they will appear in this issue of "Krshal stuff" but I'll expand them for sure!

  2. Ops... I only saw the "Tombs" title now. No problem. I'm really glad that more stuff is coming.