Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Darkness over Krshal

Another meaningless post.

After completing the Tombs of Krshal I plan to release something bigger about it - fusion of ideas incorporated in both ToK booklets plus thingies that makes a complete setting from it - maps, NPCs, more generators, special character classes, additional rules etc. I think that it will be rather big one (maybe 100+ pages).

But now it's only a very fresh idea because I didn't even started working on Tombs and still Bandits & Battlecruisers are much more important for me.


  1. Can you give example of some tower from Towers of Krshal? These towers are some lairs of sorcerers?

    1. There are one tower generator (number of levels, basement, inhabitants, materials, stairs etc. - virtually everything you need to create your own tower) and 30+ tower names. Or maybe more. Towers of Krshal is mostly bunch of random tables and generators :-)