Saturday, December 28, 2013

BandB PDF PRICE DROP and other minor news

Well, I must admit that I fucked it up. Almost no new releases this year, little new random tables (or any creative content) posted on this blog, no Perilous Path updates, no Space Alphabet, literally nothing new in the second part of the year, except the Volume Two.

Before I start to explain myself, I want to announce the permanent price drop of the Bandits and Battlecruisers PDFs, both on Lulu and RPGNow. Buy it, I need a bass guitar ;)

Sooo, about the reasons for my inactivity - besides the EVE Online, which is the main reason, I was creating lots of different music (among the others - Polymatrix, my synthwave project), both as a job and hobby. Also I was playing the Path of Exile but ridiculous difficulty curve refrained me from wasting even more time with this game :D

Nevertheless, it wasn't completely fruitless period - I think I'll be able to release the Volume Three in about 1-2 months. Also, I think about releasing some small (and free) supplement for the BandB - unfortunately, not the one with spaceships I promised long time ago :(

About my gaming activity - we're still playing the (modified) 1e WFRP, still The Enemy Within campaign :) Players are stuck in Middenheim, in a middle of the carnival, so I think we should be able to finish the campaign within the next six-seven months :D

Unfortunately - there are also some bad news - I ran out of the spaceship pics (but I will try to find something new), so probably there will be no more Spaceship Sundays :(

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