Monday, December 30, 2013

It's almost over...

Let's face the facts - 2013 is almost dead. And it wasn't very creative year, at least RPG-wise.
  • During the most of the 2013, I managed to run or play RPG sessions at least once per week. And it's good amount of gaming for me, although still I want more :)
  • I managed to release the Bandits and Battlecruisers, my first "big" release. AFAIK it's not very popular. Up to this day, 56 PDFs were sold via RPGNow, 23 PDFs were sold via Lulu and 22 prints were sold via Lulu. In addition, booklet was downloaded 202 times during the 2013 Free RPG Day. Pretty satisfying result, at least for me :)
  • FINALLY I managed to release the first two volumes of my Underworld Kingdom campaign. Volume One was released for free and was downloaded 115 times via Lulu, previeved on 240 times and downloaded via 199 times. Even 4 physical copies were sold!
  • Volume Two is my least successful release (I'm afraid it simply sucks lol) - I managed to sell 11 PDFs and 2 prints.
  • Due to other activities, I failed to finish any other project, including the Nameless City series of blog posts and 100 random space encounters. I hope I'll be able to release more things in 2014.
I think I forgot about something important so be prepared for the part two tomorrow :)