Friday, January 20, 2012

20 sci-fi locations

Well, maybe not exactly locations, but things that you can find in rooms of stations, spaceships or wrecks. Roll 1d20:

1. Sonic showers
2. Annihilation cube, about 3 feet wide, built-in the floor
3. Very small plasma furnace
4. Malfunctioning computer terminal
5. Bookshelf filled with alien porn magazines
6. Automated robot repairing system
7. Huge boiler
8. Chemical laboratory, ruined by explosion
9. Holographic projector, displaying random monster
10. Dentist's chair
11. Container with outdated (by years) medical supplies
12. Steaming grating in the center of the room
13. Malfunctioning teleporter
14. Strange, humming engine
15. Speakers emiting strange, religious chants
16. Locker with plumbing tools
17. Staked android head, screaming curses and insults in various languages
18. Jacuzzi pool
19. Large hydraulic manipulator attached to the ceiling
20. Cleaning robot wandering around the room

I have complete d100 table based on this one, but I keep it for PDF ;)

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