Sunday, January 29, 2012

Underworld Kingdom game report #2

Quick report from today's game:
  • I decided to save life of previous PCs (one player who went home earlier could save them - none of the characters was dead - all was just unconscious - rules about it can be found here).
  • Party sold two stinking chain mails looted from bandits and hired five new meatshields: Apti (female L1 Fighting Woman), Gith (one-eyed drunkard), Gork (fiddler!), Ong (deeply retarded shield bearer; once well-known poet, but his brain was destroyed by veneral disease) and Meur (young but well-equipped gambler).
  • Atus got some strange and nasty veneral disease (effect of carousing table - I don't remember who made it :-( ).
  • Party got info about some ancient graveyard west of the city of Aglor and went to search for it, especially that they had one 'little debt' to pay (some said that Necromancer was involved in it).
  • Before party managed to reach the graveyard they were ambushed by a lone troll. After long and hard fight, in which Ong's head was bitten of and chewed (his body later ran away like beheaded chicken), Gith hit monster with a large frog (!) and Atus was almost killed, party managed to kill the monster.
Sorry for my strange and crippled English today, but I'm rather tired :D
(part one can be found here)

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