Sunday, January 22, 2012

20 sci-fi traps

1. Darts poisoned with rage-inducing toxins
2. Plasma furnace right beneath your feet.
3. Neural shredder (can transform your neural system into dust).
4. Laser-sharpened harpoon shoots from the ground when you step above it.
5. Extremely slippery fragment of the floor. Enough to break your bones.
6. Shrapnel bomb hidden in the beer can.
7. Gravity sets off and acid start flowing from the pipes in constant stream of floating drops.
8. Simple automated RPG launcher. Owner of the place clearly does not care about collateral damage.
9. Laser beam, calibrated to cut off your feet.
10. Disintegration beam (affects only non-living matter, such as weapons, armor and clothes).
11. Cannon shooting balls of ultra-fast hardening concrete.
12. EMP zap gun.
13. Color- and odorless hallucinogen gas start to fill the area.
14. Bottle of genuine Champaigne full of highly corrosive, poisonous, flammable acid.
15. Door handle connected to the electricity grid.
16. Metal robot being automated iron maiden, leaps out of his hideout and try to "swallow" you.
17. Mutation beam!
18. Gravity enhancer (from 1 to 10 G in 0.4 seconds).
19. Stuffed moose head with flamethrower in its mouth.
20. Cute little kitten, exploding when touched.

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