Friday, January 27, 2012

About Terminal Space blog...

For some time I think what to do with my first blog, dedicated to my Sci-Fi Old School supplement - Terminal Space. As you can see, keeping two blogs at the same time is not good idea - one of them is rather dead and nothing indicates that it will change in the future. My work on Terminal Space is done and now it's time for others to create additional stuff for it.

So now I'm considering closing that blog - not necessarily killing it outright, but rather merging its content with this blog - I'll repost all creative posts about Terminal Space here and put there links leading to Underworld Kingdom blog. I'm afraid that now - mostly due to the inactivity of the 'official Terminal Space website' project may be wieved as dead or inactive.

About additional materials for Terminal Space - remember to check out Hereticwerks and Sword & Stitchery for new, awesome TS resources!
(and drop me a message if you know some other blogs / websites with Terminal Space stuff)


  1. I run two blogs, but the thing is working for me. I guess the key is they cover pretty different styles (Yaqqothl is for GW gonzo Mutants & Sorcery madness, while Zordaz is more orient toward Basic fantasy gaming), helping me to keep Gamer ADD under control (some days I feel more gonzo, others more dungeony).

    My point is, even if you think you're done with TS for now, keep it up. You never know when inspiration will strike again :)

  2. Even if I close TS blog I'll post any news about supplement here :-)

  3. Best to focus on what is working for you creatively. Maintaining a blog can be a bit of work. If it's distracting you from what you want to get done...then consolidating stuff makes good sense. Re-directing traffic from the TS blog to here and offering updates on Terminal Space here should be just fine. If anything it's a chance for people to see some of the other projects you're doing...