Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yellow City of the Empty Mountain

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Map of location used in my Call of Cthulhu campaign. Ancient city of Yithians, ruined by Gugs. It's still possible to encounter wandering Gugs there, as well as savage tribesmen (probably originating from the Dreamlands) searching for metal scraps and possibly other valuable goods.

Opening the Door Leading to the Yellow City of the Empty Mountain (new spell)
Magic-user level 3 ritual. CoC SL: 1d2/1d8
To cast a spell, caster(s) must draw a gate on vertical, stone surface. Gate must be drawn with dust from burned bones (not necessarily human bones :D). Then caster of the spell, robed in black, must sing the invocation of the spell. If caster is holding human brain / nerve core, basic chance of success is 5%. If caster is holding yithian nerve core, basic chance of success is 50%. For each person that is chanting the invocation with the caster, chance of success is increased by 10%, but spell is impossible to cast succesfully if no brain / nerve core is used. If spell is succesful, nerve core transforms to dust, and door is opened. Each witness of this phenomenon loses 0/1d3 sanity. Door remain opened for 24 hours.

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