Thursday, January 26, 2012

Underworld Kingdom progress

As I stated on G+ few days ago, lately I was thrashing between various OSR-related projects. This resulted with good creativity increase but was rather harmful for all those projects - I was inventing new things but was no closer to the finish of any of my ideas. And that was kinda frustrating (and frustration often leads to suspension or even cancellation of the project).

Suddenly I realized that I try to complete Underworld Kingdom for almost 20 months! It was the kick I needed and I started to sort and arrange all my stuff and soon I began to create contents for Underworld Kingdom PDF.

Here are things that I finished so far (some of them you can find on this blog):
  • Introduction (it's harder than you think!)
  • Dead One character class;
  • Two new stats;
  • Options for Mystics;
  • Rules for off-worlders;
  • Rules for insanity;
  • Names, quirks and prophecies;
  • Rules about death experience;
  • Huge list of equipment;
  • Rules for magical burnout;
  • 24 new spells (and still need about 20 more!);
  • Over 280 alternate spell names;
  • Rules about monster size;
  • 33 new monsters, with detailed descriptions;
  • Stats for 21 prehistoric beasts;
  • Information about Cthulhu Mythos monsters in my campaign...
  • ...and now I'm working on some demons (five are done and I'm not sure if I need more of them).
More to come next week!

And finally I have one bad and one good news. Bad is that most likely Underworld Kingdom PDF will be not available for free. Good one is that I'll try to make it even better looking than new edition of Carcosa :D


  1. That's a lot of material. The bad news isn't too bad, but the good news is very good.

  2. You put a lot of work into these projects, you deserve to be compensated. Besides, you've already given away a lot of good stuff for free. You can always make a freebie-preview document for people to get a taste of the final product in order to help them decide if they want to buy the full book. Have you considered approaching Mr. Raggi, or some other publisher with the manuscript? Just curious...

  3. There will be a free preview and I will include free stuff from this blog, as well as many new features. To be honest - I'm slightly afraid about size of this booklet - it may be as big as new Carcosa but probably will be smaller (about 150-160 A5 pages)
    I have a publisher but nothing is final. Maybe I should ask Mr. Raggi about it :-)