Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nasty features of dragons

Roll 1d12.
  1. Two-headed. And now you must kill both of them.
  2. Regeneration. Regenerates 6 HP per round.
  3. Anti-magical. Surrounded by sphere of absolute anti-magic. Time to die.
  4. Evil Twin. And you thought that this dragon is big and scary.
  5. Invisible. And this invisibility is granted by ultra-tech alien artifact. See Invisible and similar tricks are not working here.
  6. Poor as Fuck. No treasure this time, mate.
  7. Amulet. Of Life Saving. On the neck of the monster.
  8. Mutated. Roll 2d6 mutations.
  9. Stone. Monster is not stoned. It's made of fucking basalt. Non-magical weapons has no effect on it.
  10. Metal. And you thought that stone dragons are dangerous? This one is made of steel. In addition to above effects, it breathes lightning bolts, summons lightnings when under the sky, electrical damage heals it. Place some high voltage wires near it and voilla. TPK guaranteed.
  11. Immortal. Monster reappears 366 days after its death. And it wants its treasures back.
  12. Divine. It has strong and well organized cult. It's numerous followers will defend their deity.

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