Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twelve cursed dungeon rooms

  1. If cut, you'll bleed to death here.
  2. Time flows d4+1 times faster here.
  3. Venereal diseases (and many ways to catch them).
  4. Tsssssh - your light sources are dead.
  5. Gravity shifts once per hour.
  6. No sounds. Total silence.
  7. Sounds are ten times louder here. May attract monsters from adjacent rooms and corridors.
  8. Invisible acid drips from the ceiling (nasty, eh?).
  9. Vacuum. No air here.
  10. Floor is extremely slippery. Say yes to broken legs and arms.
  11. Water supplies turn to urine. Urinating here produces napalm.
  12. Roll twice and mix the results. If 6 and 7 is hit, instead of normal effect everyone in the room must save vs. death or be instantly annihilated with all their belongings.

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