Friday, June 22, 2012

Combat abilities of gods

Want to commit deicide? Better be prepared.
(Referee should pick one or more - I prefer to pick almost all of them, except mix of 1 and 2)

  • Deity has 1-15 HD. Multiply HP x100.
  • Deity regenerates all lost HP at the beginning of each combat round.
  • God can cast one spell per round. No slot limits.
  • He / she / it deals double damage to the creatures of opposite alignment.
  • Can be hurt only with magical weapons of +3 or better.
  • AC 0 - treat as AC2 but with additional -2 to-hit.
  • You must pass save vs. magic to attack a god.
  • If you're hit - save vs. magic or die.
  • If god is killed, its body explodes with searing light, dealing 10-60 damage in 100m radius.
  • Deity can attack d6 opponents per round. First opponent (picked at random) is hit automatically.
  • Forget about invisibility, poison, curses, charm and similar nonsenses.
  • If god appeared in humanoid shape, it's vulnerable to humanoid slaying weapons (it deals double damage to him / her). May apply to other forms vs other -slaying weapons.
  • At the beginning of combat, Referee may roll d100 (or simply choose number between 0 and 100). It's god's resistance to spell effects (including fireballs, lightning bolts and any other spells that cause damage). In addition, deity can choose to not use its resistance (i.e. to be healed by their followers).
Any ideas for more stuff like this?


  1. I like the saving throw to attack.

    How about giving the god the ability to rearrange his foes' positions at will? A devastating blow is raining down from the PC's +5 whatever, and it's suddenly impacting the wizard in the corner.

  2. Hmmm, I'm not familiar with this game. I'd like to know more.

    1. Just D&D, Original Edition (1974) but heavily modified.