Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obsidian Daggers of Traa'shkaa'vassl

  • There was seven Obsidian Daggers of Traa'shkaa'vassl.
  • Each dagger is +5 magic weapon. Opponent hit by it is instantly slain with no saves allowed. After the first hit dagger crumbles to dust.
  • Weapon has no effects on undead, elementals or dragons (they say that Traa'shkaa'vassl was a dragon).
  • First dagger will bring death on its user forty seven days after its usage.
  • Second dagger is destroyed - mad, albino hermit used it to slay the god Je'lok.
  • Third dagger grants defense against all magic, but seventy seventh spell cast on its owner will kill him.
  • Fourth dagger ages its bearer for one month for each day he is possessing it.
  • Fifth dagger is soul-bonded with the Fungal Prophet, the minor god of the Mindless Crawlers. Deity will try to possess dagger's bearer.
  • Sixth dagger is destroyed. Jouur, the Immortal Naga Guardian of the Shadeless Tower in Ibost used it to commit suicide and finally be freed from her curse.
  • Seventh dagger is the most powerful and it can be used three times. It's said that the spirit of Traa'shkaa'vassl is contained in it and after the third usage the Blind Dragon Queen will be free again.

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