Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Traitor King

Rumor table. Ideas about the Traitor King came to my mind about 2 hours ago so don't ask me about any details about him - I know as much as you do :D

  1. King lived about 200 years ago and now is dead.
  2. King betrayed his whole kingdom and condemned it to death. That allowed him to ascend godhood.
  3. He was insane and sold his kingdom to a demons.
  4. He lost his kingdom during a card game with a devil.
  5. King was cursed with immortality for his deeds.
  6. He was a monster disguised as human and one day he devoured all his subjects.
  7. He made pact with previously unknown dark god and sold his kingdom to him.
  8. Although his story begun about 200 years ago, Traitor King is still alive.
  9. King become a god but other deities banished him from their domain.
  10. He became a king because he betrayed his own family and loved ones and led them to death.

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