Saturday, January 5, 2013

1. Raven's Gate

First part of details of this map. Unnamed city in the unnamed world. Ready to plug into your campaign. Prepare your d10.

  1. Gate was named after the Vynth Raven, infamous Witch Hunter.
  2. There's a secret torture room beneath the tower.
  3. Members of Thieves Guild are calling the Raven's Gate the "mouse hole".
  4. They say that the Crow Sword, a powerful artifact, is hidden somewhere in the tower.
  5. Keznar Gormn, the current supervisor of the gate, is well-known drunkard and gambler.
  6. Because of corrupted guards, many smugglers use this gate to bring something to the city.
  7. Famous thief, Fralna the Feather-handed, was hung outside the Raven's Gate.
  8. They say that gate is haunted by a ghost of some famous Witch Hunter.
  9. The Emperor of Hsan was the one who funded the Raven's Gate.
  10. People are saying that some Witch Hunter was imprisoned in the tower once he lost his mind.


  1. Great start to the series Omlet, I'll be following these posts with relish.

  2. Fantastic! I'm looking forward to these. Thanks for sharing!