Friday, January 25, 2013

The Crow Sword

Crow Sword is a +4 short sword (double damage vs. demons, undead and Cthulhy Mythos monsters) that belonged to Vynth Raven, infamous witch hunter that spent his last years of life in the Raven's Gate. Many people believe that sword is hidden somewhere in the gate tower. Here are some ideas about it:
  1. Sword is hidden on some roof truss on the top level of the tower.
  2. Sword was walled in the chamber once occupied by Vynth Raven.
  3. Artifact was buried with Raven in the small, forgotten crypt beneath tower's courtyard.
  4. Artifact never existed - Vynth Raven never possessed a magical sword.
  5. Sword is hidden in the dungeon beneath the tower.
  6. Crow Sword is currently owned by Keznar Gormn, current supervisor of the Raven's Gate.

1 comment:

  1. Sword is in the possession of Brigsby, the bumbling groundskeeper? He is unaware of it's magical nature and uses it to chase off stray cats and dogs.

    Awesome item.