Sunday, January 20, 2013

Underworld Kingdom.

As you probably know, I'm struggling with writing the Underworld Kingdom for quite a few years. Yesterday a new idea came to my mind - probably I will not release it as one big book / PDF but several smaller pieces. There are several reasons why I want to release it in such form:
  • Modular design - books containing only particular information (such as spells or monsters or hex maps w/ descriptions) should be much easier to plug into ongoing campaigns. And of course if someone doesn't want to buy my maps and descriptions (or spells, or monsters...), he will be not forced to do so.
  • Price - quite obvious factor - it should be much cheaper to obtain than one big book. I think that they will be available for something about the price set for my Towers of Krshal ($3,50). In addition, some of them will be available for free!
  • Ease of writing - this one is extremely important for me. Thinking "okay, six more pages should be enough" is much better than "okay, sixty more pages should be enough", much easier to complete.
  • Ease of adding new stuff - I may add new booklet at any moment, without need of reworking entire chapters. Another factor that may have great impact on my writing ability :-)
At the moment, I can announce some basic booklets:
  • Explorers of the Unknown - basic information about creating the character and commentaries about it. NOTE: this one will be available for free and I'll try to release it in February (or maybe even this month!)
  • Dark Gods, Dark Magic - spells, deities and demonic entities. This one is complete but I want to add some more goodies - rumor tables, keywords and commentaries.
  • Untold Monstrosities and Eldritch Artifacts - monsters and magic items. Same as above - I want to add more!
Aaand some ideas about further ones. I can't promise anything about them yet, not even the titles and content:
  • Kradia Caves - two layers of human caves. Not very safe (my games were in the Lower Kradia) but not as murderous as the...
  • ...Jungle Caves - dinosaur-infested stuff!
  • Palace of the Black Emperor - bizarre and enormous palatial complex ruled by some mysterious, demonic being.
  • Deeper Caves - darkest, most obscure and most deadly caverns (incl. the Green Light Caves and so on).
  • Ho-ru - booklet about the Black Lizardmen.
Tell me what you think about it.

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