Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2. Gate of the Iron Skull

Here is the map.

  1. Ninl Fnash, gate's supervisor, is a descendant of old and prominent lineage of sorcerers.
  2. There was an exhibition of the Iron Skeleton in one of the gate chambers but it's closed since last winter.
  3. No one worked in the tower for longer than seven months. Probably all lose their mind or commit suicide after that time.
  4. They say that Ninl Fnash hates magic and fears the sorcerers.
  5. Some people are saying that the famous Iron Skull was stolen by members of the thieves guild.
  6. Duchess Ghildriss Enaran commited suicide by jumping from the top of the gate.
  7. Remains of some kind of artificial life form are stored in the gate's vault.
  8. Several years ago, beautiful noble woman was murdered on the top level of the gate tower.
  9. Have you heard that overseer of the gate is some kind of energy vampire?
  10. Each fullmoon, sect of mystics gathers under one of tower's balconies. No one knows what they do there.

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