Friday, June 17, 2022

Ashen Void - Stygian Polypore (example monster)


This is an example monster from my upcoming system-neutral campaign setting, called the Ashen Void. As you can see, it's all random tables. I love random tables. And you should love them too.


Shape and Size

  1. Lumbering monolith, as big as a building. Its surface is cracked and wrinkled
  2. Oval sphere, six feet in diameter, moving slowly on several fragile legs
  3. Thin and worm-like, several dozen feet in length, ended with a bright red cap
  4. Giant, gray sponge, covered with crater-like openings glowing with blue light
  5. Approximately human-sized, shaped like a grub, its surface covered with green spikes
  6. Three feet tall, lignified pyramid with a white surface covered with pulsating veins
  7. Seven feet tall, almost perfect cube with all surfaces dotted with large holes
  8. Vaguely resembling a humanoid with a black exterior and extremely twisted limbs that cannot hold the weight of the body


  1. Extremely hallucinogenic
  2. Time-stopping globules, exploding with Stasis Field if touched
  3. Addictive and pleasure-inducing; the Polypore is always followed by the ones dependent on it
  4. Exploding with Darkness, which can sometimes spew horrors of its own
  5. Razor-sharp and very brittle bolts with serrated edges
  6. Pink mist of very fine particles, inducing dizziness and allergic reactions

Magical Growths

  1. Able to heal all wounds caused by acid
  2. If consumed, allows one to see invisible things but also makes one unable to see anything else
  3. Will summon a dazed Angel if thrown into fire
  4. Will slowly crystallize into a fist-sized emerald. The crystallization process takes approximately 90 days
  5. Charged with static electricity. Cutting them open with metal tools is ill-advised
  6. The extremely stinky brown liquid inside them can turn an ordinary rock into a Floatstone


  1. The Sickle of Regrowth
  2. “It’s hard to believe that they were once humans - powerful Fungal Wizards, consumed by the primal forces they couldn’t control.”
  3. “Be very careful with fire. The Polypores can explode if touched by flames.”
  4. Death Cap Helmet
  5. “The Fungi of the Caustic Maze can levitate somehow. Beware of the ones with long limbs, as they can use them to grab you. And they will never let go.”
  6. Bell of Fungicide

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