Sunday, June 19, 2022

Ashen Void - What Was Lost


It will be finished tomorrow. I think I will release it within the next few days...

Meanwhile - WHAT WAS LOST - and became embedded with the powers of the Wastes. This is only a half of one of the many random tables from the book.

  1. Wooden horse with antlers made of yellowed bones. Has the power to repel all quadrupedal herbivores.
  2. Porcelain spoon with its surface cracked from immense heat. Can turn small amounts of dense liquid into silver dust.
  3. Tarnished bronze sword without a handle. If thrown into the air, its position after falling on the ground will show the way home.
  4. Figurine made of glowing metal, depicting a beautiful woman. Its radiance can illuminate the Darkness, but dims during the night.
  5. Pendant made of a small ammonite shell. Grants the ability to breathe water, but only when it’s crystal-clear.
  6. Wooden plank with four nails made of blackened silver. The plank itself is quite useless, but a single nail is enough to banish a spirit haunting a grave.

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