Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Shroud


Veil that separates the material and immaterial. Some do believe that it’s composed of physical fabric, torn during the Mage War. They spend their entire lives looking for the tatters.

There are also other Mystical Fabrics - or the Indescribable Veils. They separate the Spheres - and separate the human minds from the sparks of thoughts about the Inner Mysteries of Ortix.

“The Shroud was made by the Great Abstraction - the most powerful Eternal Device ever created. It was weaving it for millennia, slowly shaping the boundaries of Ran-Gor. Separating the Ran from the Gor.”

“IT was hiding beyond the Shroud. The Primeval Insanity. The Well of Starlight. The Pillar of Darkness. Now its deathless pseudopodia slowly creeps into our reality, boring through the Spheres and sowing its toxic seeds. If there is a way to close the wounds of the Shroud, we must find it. If not, our fate is sealed.”


Yes, the stuff I will post in the nearest future will most likely refer to the first idea behind the creation of this blog. Of course, I will also post other stuff. Or not. Or I will disappear for the next few months, like many times before.

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  1. Thought this was about stellaris for a second. Not dissapointed by what it actually is. :P