Friday, June 10, 2022

Ashen Void - what's inside?



Here you can find the full list of everything that will be included in the book. The page above is a screenshot from InDesign, depicting one of the monsters. As I said in the previous post, no stat blocks whatsoever - it's completely system-neutral.

THE WORDS - list of 50 rumors; treat them as the main description of the setting.

ORIGINS - short descriptions of the 14 different places/nations/social groups from which PCs can originate.

THIS CURSE IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT -  if one or more of your starting stats is exactly 13, you are cursed.

HUMAN SETTLEMENTS - 6 random tables, containing info about traits of the cities and some random encounters.

THE RUINS - 4 random tables about... the ruins. Tomb Cities, ancient capital of the empire and something more.

PEOPLE OF THE WASTES - Tribes of the West, Hermits of the Mud Flats.

HIRELINGS AND MERCENARIES - self-explanatory. Two tables.

NIGHTMARES INCARNATED: 42 random tables about the monsters.

  • Effigy of Loss
  • Giant
  • Jewel Thief
  • Necrosphinx
  • Nihil Warlock
  • Orb of Dead Dreams
  • Shadow People
  • Stygian Polypore
  • Swamp Stalker
  • Toad

THE TRIALS - more info soon!

WHAT WAS LOST - twelve mundane items, lost and saturated with the powers of the Wastes.

THE ANGELS - info about the menace of the world.

MAGIC OF BONES AND ANTLERS - self-explanatory (or not!).






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