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Black Tome of Nothingness - list of topics 3/4


Lesser Deities - petty gods, still delusional about their power over the world. Fodder for the Blade of Murder.
Library of Uncountable Sapphirine Deaths - Secret Chamber containing the most important books of all.
Liturgy of Reversal - ritual performed by the Chronomancers that led to their destruction.
Llai - Fungal Forest sprawling through the destroyed portions of the Brass Sphere. Home of the Plant Gods.
Lovers - madmen afflicted by their imprisoned muse - a goddess or a saint assimilated by the Spheres themselves.
Mage War - the largest man-made cataclysm since the Pyramid Wars. Looks like we never learn.
Magic - for some, incomprehensible powers of the universe. For others, just the energy powering the Spheres.
Maze of Roots - overgrown tunnels below the Reservoir, inhabited by the last remaining Korri.
Mindless Forces - the Primeval Gods. Representation of the forces of nature which shaped reality.
Miracles - all cases of successful uses of the Abstract Technology during the Age of Men.
Molten Spheres - transitional areas between the layers of Deep Underworld
Moon Kingdom - home of those who escaped the Pyramid Wars to settle on Danaad.
Museum of Time - sacred vault of Radh, containing numerous artifacts of the past.
Mutterings of Phandra - written by the First Eater of Madness, contains information about the Ancient Ones.
Muurn - the one who Hunts Down the Lost. Shadow God, courageous enough to remain active even these days.
Naygrar - once the tallest peak of all the Places Beyond destroyed in a magical explosion that buried Ganth.
Ngaros - the Infernal Observatory. Build deep underground to determine the Sources of Magic.
Nghsh - one of the Ancient Races. Ones that were bound to operating the Eternal Machinery of the Spheres.
Nightmare Thrones - demonic interfaces to the Spheres, made by the degenerate inhabitants of the Iron World.
Noble Houses - last descendants of the Enlightened Ones, entangled in the eternal power struggle.
Nothingness - that’s how we call our reality - a tear in the Shimmering Dimension, in which the world resides.
Null Wraiths - creatures born of the disasters of the Mage War. Echoes of the Sundial’s destruction.
Nybel of the Night - Saint protector of Kothra. Has disappeared into the Un-Tower.
Nynal Vost - one of the few humans to ever reach the Gray Planet of Zaat.
Obfuscated Doorways - work on the topic of the Secret Chambers. Attributed to Yvesi.
One Who Speaks Words No One Wants To Hear - the final, Fifth Eater of Madness. The Harbinger of Apocalypse.
Othuriarth - the Jade Rift. The Primal God whose awakening has started the First Deicide.
Parasitic Worlds - the most known book on the topic of the Spheres. Filled to the brim with false information.
Pantheon, the - the currently active Shadow Gods of Nothingness. The Contained Gods are literally worthless.
Phandra - the Discoverer of Truths. The first Eater of Madness. The one who knew everything about the past.
Plant Gods - the most powerful beings currently alive that aren’t cursed with consciousness.
Portals to Hysteria - a scroll describing all known connections between the Spheres.
Priesthood of the Wall - those who guard the border with the land of the dead.
Pure People - last descendants of the Enlightened Ones. The Noble Houses seem to be obsessed with Pure Blood.
Pyramid Wars - the war that caused the heavens to fall down on earth, causing the Collapse.
Pyramids - the most powerful war machines ever created by humans. Almost led to the destruction of the world.
Purgatory Theorem - my own theory about the world being a transitional space, something not as cruel as the reality described in the Triangle of Despair - but still quite unsettling.
Raktai - one of the Ancient Races. Poisonous amphibians who disappeared even before the War of the Spheres.
Reerd the Eyeless - Third Eater of Madness. The One Who Knew All Names. Croyle?
Red Sands - desert-like cavernous halls, full of ruined Eternal Machines. Located in the Iron Sphere.
Reservoir Temple - a fortress guarding the place where the Aqueducts end.
Rine - the second, smaller moon. Has a very unstable orbit, so It’s rarely seen. It sends visions to the worthy.
Road of the Giants - half-mythical pathway through the Spheres.

Rhud - I think that the author of this tome deserves an entry about himself.

Saints - humans who were blessed with the powers of the Veiled One and received almost godlike powers.
Sapphire Chambers - place where the Lesser Gods walled themselves to avoid the Othuriarth’s hunger.
Sapphire Gate - destroyed magical portal to the Sapphire Chambers, located at Naygrar's peak.
Secret Chambers - concealed parts of the Spheres, extremely difficult to find without a key or a guide.
Scientific Mysticism - religion and/or philosophical movement devoted to the Geometric Gods.
Scars of the Earth - massive wounds of the planet, often piercing through several Spheres.
Scroll of Hidden Realms - oldest known tract on the Spheres, describing their names and properties.
Shadow Gods - those Lesser Deities who weren’t consumed by fear. Still active today.
Shapers - inhabitants of the Spheres of underworld, highest-ranking Engineers.

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