Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ten artifacts that fell from the sky

  1. A boat made of transparent material. There are several intricate mechanisms visible inside locked compartments on its bow and stern.
  2. An enormous brass cogwheel. Its surface is covered in runes and reliefs depicting equine creatures.
  3. A helmet made of shiny metal. It has a system of pipes protruding from its back and sides. Too large for humans to wear.
  4. 20-feet long metal rod, as thick as man's arm. Each of its ends is tipped with a sizable spherical object. One of them is really hot to the touch, while the other is very cold.
  5. An anchor. Its surface is painted gold and adorned with wreaths and colorful ribbons.
  6. Sword made of opalescent metal. Its edges are jagged and its handle is weirdly curved, making it unwieldy for most humanoids. It's extremely light.
  7. A human-sized flask made of extremely tough glass. It is capped with a partly-destroyed clockwork contraption that looks like it was ripped from a larger mechanism. The jar is filled with light red, translucent liquid.
  8. Huge cubical monolith made of polished black stone. There are at least dozen metal pipes protruding from each of its sides. Smaller pipes or cables are coming out of each pipe.
  9. A child-sized metal mirror, framed in gold. Reflections of any living beings are shimmering and weirdly twitching, while inanimate object look perfectly normal. The mirror emits constant, low-pitched hum.
  10. Giant humanoid made from matte, gray metal. Its skin has many segments and its arms and legs have too many joints. Its eyes are made of green crystals.

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