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Black Tome of Nothingness [and its huge list 1/4]

Well, I'm cannibalizing my own projects once again, fusing ideas together. But in most cases, ones who do this with their creative output do so to create something more coherent, easier to digest. But not me. I'm stitching two projects together to make them even more convoluted and difficult to grasp.

THIS and THIS post. They contain something useful about the thing I started working on after releasing the Ashen Void. And HERE are some doodles about the second part. And THIS also ended up on the chopping block. And I liked the idea for the cover artwork. So I'll reuse it.

The book will look like a babbling of a madman. It won't be artpunk. It will be an artbook. And it will be ugly. No PDFs. Only printed copies. And I'm making it solely because of THIS.

What should you make out the following bullshit? And from the next three posts? I don't know! I think it's a proto-master-index of the artbook mentioned above. Brace yourself, the list is quite massive.

* * *

Abstract Technology - lost powers of those gods who really deserved the title.
Alcove of the Eyeless Queen - the First Nightmare Throne, at least the first in the Stone Sphere.
Altar of the Depths - enormous Secret Chamber, thought to be a central connection between the Spheres.
Altar of the Sun - a flawed interface to the Transplanar Sundial, built to replace the Emerald Crown.
Amber Sculptures - figurines whose discoveries always led to a disaster. The last one was found a few weeks ago.
Ammonite Prophets - the fossilized wise men of the past, encased in the timeless monument deep below.
Ancient Ones - former rulers of the world. Inhuman in every respect.
Anomalies - Scars of the Earth, places where the toxic radiation of the Inner Spheres poison our realm.
Antitheists - the Cult of Nothing. The only ones I respect.
Ash Basin - the sea of dust. Or the burial site of one of the Primordial Ones.
Aqueducts - the only labyrinths we need.

The Annotations - the Book within the Book. A Glimpse of Light in the Darkness.  I’ve added them here, to explain and expand on Rhud’s thoughts. I know it only fuels the flame of your confusion, as I often ask even more questions, without providing answers to the already existing ones. But you must forgive me. Frankly, you don’t have a choice other than tossing the Book you’re reading into flames.

Beltai - the Goddess of Heresy. I almost admire her.
Black Plains of Iaad - the place where all the remaining gods will be sacrificed during the Third Deicide.
Black Tomes - you are reading one of them. Probably the final one ever written.
Blade of Murder - the god-killing weapon. The only force of true balance in this world.
Blighted City - huge complex of ruins, presumably once inhabited by the Raktai.
Blood Crystals - solidified ichor of the Eternal Machinery.
Book of Infernal Angles - the only detailed description of the Pyramids that survived to this day.
Book of Ngaros - full of diagrams leading to the Sources of Power. Unfortunately, written by a lunatic.
Book of Whispers - another tome full of nonsense. But in this case, fights over that nonsense led to the Mage War.
Book Plague - cause of destruction of the Nobility of Vokra. Connected with the Umber Tome.
Bone Keepers - sect of traveling undertakers. The ones able to speak with the dead.
Bone Vaults - ossuaries of mankind, the only testimony of our past that is free of deception.
Breutsk Quarry - one of the few Places Beyond that wasn’t destroyed by the Jade Rift.
Broken Saints - those whose bodies and minds have rejected the Communion of the Veiled One.
Brorg - the Crumbling God. Some say it’s a reflection of the Stone Sphere’s condition.
Burial Dimension - a strange Outer Sphere of the world, separating our reality from the Underworld. Bone Sphere.
Carved Path - a long stairway of ritual importance. Connects the Wells and the Temple of the Shroud.
Castle - one of the topmost parts of Nothingness. A king-less house of the Nobility.
Celestial Bridge - one of the last Miracles that still works as intended. Connects the Church and the Castle.
Chamber of Convergence - a place of holy rituals of almost all major factions of Nothingness.
Chronomancers - one of the factions from the Mage War. Obsessed with the past and the lost knowledge.
Church of the Saints - monument to mankind’s ascension. The final slap to the face of gods.
Cleansing - a temple beneath the Castle, maintained by the Noble House Sirui.
Collapsed Sphere - a huge portion of the Stone Sphere that was destroyed during the Pyramid Wars.
Colorless Tomb - resting place of the last participants of the Mage War.
Communion - process of Sanctification, during which the mortal human becomes a Saint.
Contained Gods - the greatest cowards that ever existed. Deities who entombed themselves to avoid devourment.
Croyle - one of the Noble Houses. All are born blind. They serve the Queen.
Crystal Towers - spires brimming with Abstract Technology. Most of them have been claimed by the Nobility.
Cyclops - invaders from the Gray Planet of Zaat. One of the Ancient Ones.
Danaad - larger of the two Moons. Visible once per 33 years. Home of the Moon Kingdom.
Daughter, the - offspring of the last King of the Castle. One of the first Saints.
Dead Forests - Anomaly surrounding the outer walls of the Castle. Cursed by the Chronomancers’ magic.
Deep Stronghold - an underground fortress overseeing the fringe of the Collapsed Sphere.
Deicide, First - forging of the Blade of Murder and killing of Othuriarth.
Deicide, Second - emergence of the Godkiller. I still mourn his failure.
Demons - strange creatures, originating from the Iron Sphere.
Desert Chasm - located in the middle of the Wastes of Thol. It reaches the Silver Sphere.
Diagrams - sacred drawings usable to conjuration of magic. Different schools were compiled by the Watcher.
Disciples of Paradox - faction that emerged after a war between Scientific Mystics and Formless Idealists.
Dranth - now ruined Temple of the Thousand Gods. Home of the Heretics, Broken Saints and philosophers.

Deicide, Third. Now we live in these times, when the gods emerged from the Sapphire Chambers to fight the hopeless war amongst themselves. Their hubris is too great to let them accept the fact that they’ve become executors of the Godkiller’s will. That they let themselves to the sacrifice. And that their blood seeps through the stone to finally enrich the lifeless soil of Iaad.

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