Saturday, February 10, 2024

Aldarien's Magic Tome

Something new is coming!

I'm working on a new book - this time about magic. Items, mostly. Not spells - the community is already full of amazing spells (here?). Of course, it will be 99% made of random tables. Because I fucking love them.

And about 90% of the book's written content is already done! Almost 11k words (already more than Ashen Void). I'm still working on some magic-related rumors - I want to include lots of them. Plus, of course, something additional might be added virtually at any time. For example, the Ten Magical Steeds (see below) were added today.

Here is the list of the book's contents. Of course, the list is not final.

  • Ten Magical Jars
  • Twelve Magical Flutes
  • Thirty Transmutation Mishaps
  • Demonic Messengers
  • Holy Tracts
  • Unholy Tracts
  • Gibberish Tome Names
  • Twelve Useless Elixirs
  • Six Magical Chalices
  • Eight Unusual Magical Tools
  • Twelve Magical Ropes
  • Magical Droplets
  • Six Magical Cubes
  • Potion Alternatives
  • Six Magical Crowns
  • Eight Nasty Magical Keys
  • Ten Cursed Blades
  • Six Enchanted Rods
  • Twenty Places of Power
  • Twenty Pocket Dimensions
  • Magical Chess Pieces
  • Ten magical Steeds
  • Spell names (Good/Neutral/Evil)
  • Twelve Magical Wands
  • Six Luck Talismans
  • One hundred magic-related rumors!

More info coming soon!

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