Friday, February 17, 2012

0% Creative Content?

Yeah, it seems that this blog sucks :D

As you can see, lately I am not posting much creative stuff, such as random tables, maps and shit here. To be honest, I'm not posting anything except game session reports, Underworld-related pics, meaningless progress posts and other worthless shit. No yummy useful stuff, not even flamebait posts (I'm not good at it tho), not even naked ladies! Why?

Mostly because I'm currently tryin' to make Underworld Kingdom PDF. I simply want to put this to an end. I'm writing this stuff for too long - I was able to write entire Terminal Space during maybe eight days (with about three-month-long gap between them, but shhh) and now I'm struggling with Underworld Kingdom for over twenty months... It's not good for me.

So you can imagine that I have craploads of stuff that I might post here, possibly to fill up posting queue for maybe three or four months ahead. But this time I want to (or at least try to) earn some money. Guys, the truth is that I must eat :D It doesn't mean that it's the end of creative content on this blog. Be patient - I promise you that it will change soon (or in worst case during April AtoZ Challenge :D). I'll try to post something about my second campaign project, Battlestation Omega, or maybe try to finish and post Banditz & Battlecruiserz...

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  1. You have a really nice blog. We all go through lulls. Keep on with your highest priority stuff, like putting out that Pdf. :)