Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yeah, this is a Progress :D
Not much done this week - was busy preparing some stuff for Xsection Mapbook (still very far from being complete) and watching Dragon Ball episodes.
  • Added one missing demon description;
  • Changed HD / level and xp needed for Dead One;
  • Added few house rules;
  • Added list of fifty drunkards;
  • Table for randomly determined deity (may be handy);
  • About 40 (of 200) rumors and legends;
  • Still working on descriptions of locations.
As you can see, I suck at writing - it's really hard to write something big in non-native language, especially because I was lazy ass in highschool (and before) and my English grammar is really, really bad :D

EDIT: PDF now has 89 pages and I suppose that with graphics, maps and stuff it may be over 200...

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  1. Don't worry most native language speakers don't do English grammar correctly, me included.