Sunday, February 12, 2012

Game report!

Too bad that I've forgotten about writing report from last two game sessions, during which PCs were on their way to ancient graveyard to retrieve two magic items requested by mighty (and possibly evil) wizard. Here you are: 
  • All meatshields but one (Apti- L1 Fighting Woman) were slain by encountered giant beetles;
  • Two PCs (Atus and Father Andrews) were slain by giant Cave Wyrm, but as dragon was heavily wounded by TNT (owned by Old West priest) it left to heal wounds;
  • PCs managed to rob several tumuli and retreived items "ordered" by the necromancer who hired party in exchange for "repairing" Galia the Dead One. They grabbed about 6k gp in jewelry and +3 spear (but they didn't knew about abilities of the weapon);
  • As usual, the most dangerous place in the whole Lower Kradia was... the city of Aglor! After selling loot to the Explorers Guild appraiser (who charged 20% fee as PCs weren't members of the guild), two PCs were polymorphed into pigs, but they managed to dispell the curse (losing +3 spear in exchange) and kill the wizard who cast the spell. Now they may have powerful enemies in the Upper City and probably must flee from Aglor ASAP;
  • Ah, one more thing - as another effect of carousing save failure one new PC (replacement for dead Atus) now must perform a Quest for his deity - he has one year and one day to find and kill the evil priest who defiled his temple and his god.
As you can see, shit has hit the fan :D
Today is another game session so I'll try to post something more in the evening.

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