Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rumors and legends about Black Volcano

  1. Some ancient scriptures contain information that volcano was artificially created by some pre-human civilization.
  2. It's said that one or more dragons live inside the Black Volcano.
  3. Volcano was used as gigantic forge.
  4. Savage tribes worship Black Volcano as god and "feed" it with caught people.
  5. There is some kind of control room to determine flow of lava.
  6. There are automated machines installed in the Volcano.
  7. There are many shafts and tunnels leading down the mountain, maybe they are connected with the Underworld Kingdom.
  8. Black Volcano is place inhabited by demons.
  9. It's said that the ghost of powerful elementalist is haunting the volcano.
  10. Huge artificial energy crystal is the power source of the volcano.

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