Sunday, February 19, 2012

Evolution of the campaign

Brief timeline of the evolution of the campaign setting. It's real fun for me to recall all the details but I can't be sure that dates are 100% exact.

Beginning of my RPGing. Started writing something in june/july - it was named "Legends of Rangor" and it really sucked. However, some elements of that world survived to this day and I still use them (i.e. ruins of Targin and many magic items).

Started new campaign from scratch (along with my friend) but Legends of Rangor was still developed. New thing was 100% improv with world (my friend named it "Narilvatar") generated in "real time". No game mechanics was used, we didn't even used char sheets :D. Time of really hardcore gaming - during holidays we played 10-12 hours per day for two months.

Longer break, although I still wrote something for LoR (but I knew that it was completely unplayable world and game mechanics). During that years I played mostly WFRP and CP 2020.

Again gaming in the "Narilvatar" world (I was the only one person who was still interested in developing of that world), still without any gaming mechanics. Conception of the Underworld Wilderness was born (under the influence of Exile cRPG series, not FR Underdark).

Death of "Narilvatar". Started to work on some creepy, new-school techno-fantasy cyberpunk-ish game in the shattered, multi-planar world. It was really interesting conception but I had big problems with myself and dev team was too big (10 persons!) and too lazy to complete it. The only thing that survived until today are awesome graphics by Sourine. Also many ideas from that "era" were later used by me in the Underworld Kingdom and Battlestation Omega (or maybe even in Terminal Space, I don't remember :D).

Dark Heresy era and workingwith my girlfriend on another, still incomplete new-school game. In 2009 I discovered old school gaming and 21 november of 2009 idea to create Terminal Space came to my mind.

Underworld Kingdom era, creation of this blog and so on. We are here :D

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