Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Here Lies the Ancient Guardian of Knd'Glk"

Dramatis Personae:
Galia - Dead One.
Bakly Satuk Tybdo - rude Fighting Man.
Brick - Fighting Woman, fugitive slave with golden teeth.
Torgren - Magic User.
Medlek Hako - Minotaur Fighting Man (replacement for Bakly).
Maeron - Goat Man fighter (replacement for MU).

Meatshields and Mercenaries:
Apti - L1 Fighting Woman (almost a friend of PCs).
Sssss - L3 yellow-skinned Lizard Man fighter, also named as Sssson of a Bitch.
He - meatshield, sister of She, in incestous relationship with her brother.
She - meatshield, brother and lover or He.
Karrad - long-bearded meatshield scout, armed with Longbow.
Ardak - one-eyed meatshield, fellow of Holga.
Holga - Ugly Big Lady, meatshield, fellow of Ardak.
Fat Derik - L1 Magic User.

PCs bought cart, mule and pile of equipment, hired their henchmen and went north of Aglor in search for rogue priest which must be slain by Bakly Satuk Tybdo to fulfill a will of his god. During their first rest stop they spotted giant Black Hen which wounded Bakly but later was put to sleep by Torgren and later decapitated by Ssss. Unfortnately, after one more day of travel, party was surprised by seven cave goblins while preparing their camp. In the very beginning of this epic clash Bakly Satuk Tybdo was hit by three arrows (19, 19, 20) and killed instantly. Moments later Torgren clashed with three ferocious goblins, killed two and disemboweled third one, but vile monster managed to strangle him to death with its own entrails before its death by blood loss.

With Bakly Satuk Tybdo dead and buried they had no intrerest in searching for the renegade priest, but Brick had 50000gp debt to pay - she and Bakly waked up naked in the Forbidden Temple of Aglor and "were charged fee" to avoid being sacrificed for desacration of the holy place (Jeff, I love your carousing table :D). After short consultation they decided to go back to the ancient graveyard site west of Aglor to plunder rest of the tumuli.

They managed to go there without any accidents and after short investigation they noticed that no one came there after their first expedition. They managed to destroy seven undead lizardmen skeletons discovered in one tumulus during their first visit but He was killed by monsters. After burial of their henchman party retrieved huge clay pot filled by strange, triangle gold pieces and went to explore one of the tumuli previously left untouched. Fat Derik used his Read Magic spell to read signs on the strange, conical gravestone:


Galia, only person in current party that was part of the previous expedition, explained that Knd'Glk was huge undead lizardman who kept artifacts "ordered" by necromancer. Against common sense PCs decided to open the grave.

Undead Animated Tyrannosaurus Skeleton managed to kill Brick, She, Ardak and Holga and put everyone else except Ssss and Galia to unconsciousness before it was finally destroyed.
If the party will continue to lose henchmen at this rate there will be probably no one willing to go with them :D

Loot: 5000 gp.

One note: at the end of last game session Apti used her share (1000 gp) to hire an assassin to kill her husband.
One more note: Satuk Tybdo is anagram for Kutas Odbyt, Polish terms for Cock and Anus :D

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