Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another progress report

Well, aren't you bored with all that crap about writing progress? I consider it as both motiation for me and presentation of some features that will be available in the game. Things made during another week of (not very) hard work:
  • Added short info about availability of some of the basic character classes (demi-humans and thief);
  • Added one table connected with players' "survival skills";
  • Still working on descriptions of the locations (will it end one day? :D);
  • Still working on rumors, facts and legends;
  • Added basic ideas about experience awards;
  • Added two short tables (20 entries each) with weird (or maybe not so weird) encounters for both surface and the Underworld.
I can't wait until I start to write (and rewrite) hex descriptions but I want to make things in particular order - this method keeps me from leaving things to be finished "in the future". Hex descriptions will be one of the last part of writing with only one-page dungeons and gap filling left to do (and I know that there is many, many gaps to be filled :D). Next update - as usual - next thursday.

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